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Before your spray tan:

Exfoliate with an oil-free scrub. This allows your spray tan to absorb into fresh, clean skin. Your tan will not only be more even, but will last longer as well.

Preform any waxing or shaving before your spray tan.

Avoid using any deodorants, moisturizers or make-up. These products create a barrier on your skin which can prevent your spray tan from adhering correctly.

Make sure to wear dark, loose fitting clothes to your appointment. Our spray tan formula will not stain fabrics, but it does contain bronzers that may rub off onto clothing. If this does occur, the bronzer will wash off when laundered.  

After your spray tan:

Avoid showering, swimming and working out for the first eight hours after your spray tan (1-4 hours if rapid rinse solution is used).

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Dry skin is your spray tans enemy, so make sure you are staying moisturized with an oil-free moisturizer to ensure an even, flawless fade. Use our Velvet Soft Moisturizing Crème or our Skin Glow Tan Extender to help your tan last up to three days longer!

Avoid pools, jacuzzies and saunas.

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